What is saaslogic

Simplify your subscriptions and scale them easily as per the demands of your business

Are you hunting for a solution to manage all your subscriptions and revenues on a recurring basis? saaslogic is a one-stop solution for the above. Here, your customers get to focus on streamlining their operations while we provide a seamless and secure billing and subscription process matching their business requirements.

We also automate umpteen number of tasks for you including your subscriptions, billing, reporting, tax calculations and much more.

Being a B2B product, saaslogic addresses several complex and multi-dimensional subscriptions that deals with multiple variables. saaslogic also provides an array of features to manage your product’s permissions, roles, users, assignment of roles to users, and SSO.

With saaslogic, you can live your product in mere days thus reducing the usual weeks-long go-to market time. The pricing models in saaslogic can address several key pain points and ultimately charge the customer just for the used resources.

Revenue reports in saaslogic will give clear indications on the growth trajectory of your customers which can help them make strategic business decisions.

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